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Do you own or operate an excursion, trip or activity and need more customers...? We can help

We Are NOT a Ticket Office !

Firstly, we're NOT a ticket office, ticket agent or operate in the way that normal ticket offices or agents do and here's why...

We Close 99% of Enquiries !

These days people want information and they want it fast! Our system helps them get the information they want quickly and easily. We help users choose what they want to do and guide them towards making a buying decision WHILE they browse the website.

You decide your selling price, cost price and we simply manage the bookings and charge a small booking fee, nothing more.

We Encourage Repeat Business !

Not only do we encourage people to come back we also follow up with clients and ask them to review your business online. This way others see your business is doing well, browse through your products and book themselves. We call this the "Trust Growth Cycle" because as more happy customers leave reviews your rankings increase and more customers book with you.

Your customers become raving fans that in turn generates more bookings.

How Much Does This Cost?

No Booking • No Charge !

If you choose to use our online reservations system we only charge if a booking is taken and confirmed and there's no charge to you.

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How It Works

If you choose to use a managed service we take care of your reservations for you, book the clients on your excursion, chat with them about any additional requirements they may have and when they arrive they're already armed with all the information they need.

Individual Quotations Too

We're also happy to provide individual quotations for you.

For example, if you choose to use our website design services or our reservations system then the live chat and WhatsApp chat is included in the price.

Try It Out For Free

Still not convinced...? Why not get in touch and see a demonstration of how easy it is. Just click the icon below to send us a WhatsApp and start the ball rolling !

Paying Operators

As we take payments online the funds can take up to a week to arrive at our bank acocunt. For this reason we will typically pay invoices within 7-10 days of receipt. Please note: We will ONLY pay AFTER the excursion date for excursions booked. Where bookings have been made in advance we will hold the money in escrow until the excursion has been completed. At that point we can release funds.

Please invoice promptly and within 7-90 days of the excursion date or funds may have been released.


As per our cancellations and refund policy clients may have excursions cancelled and where this is for reasons beyond their control we will always abide by our policies and issue a full refund wherever possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Refund Policy +

    Where we cannot accommodtae you on your chosen excursion we will always try and find an acceptable alternative.

    We also

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  • Pickup Points +

    At the bottom of each excursion's page we have our pickup points. We'd always recommend using the chat facility available

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  • Cancellation Policy +

    We're happy to cancel any excursion booked providing we have enough notice.

    In some cases it's possible that we cannot

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  • Do You Guarantee Your Prices ? +

    We do our absolute best to ensure that you get the best possible price for the excursion you're looking for.

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  • Ticket Collection +

    At Best Excursions Tenerife everything we do is 100% electronic. Because of this you will need access to the Internet

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