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Abrazo Sailing Tenerife

Without a doubt Abrazo is one of the most luzurious sailing catamarans available in Tenerife. Recently refurbished and the ONLY luxury boat with space for all 12 passengers to lounge and enjoy the sun.

Abrazo Sailing do not just offer group excursions, they also offer also private boat trips & boat charters just click here to learn more or to book your private charter today.

Like all the boat trips we offer in Tenerife Abrazo sailing catamaran provides you with an open bar while looking for whales & dolphins and food is also included (usually served up while you swim) and of-course there's the whale & dolphin watching.

Boat Excursions in Tenerife

Boat trips in Tenerife generally come in 3 sizes and flavours: There are smaller pleasure craft, larger boats and then big catamarans. Abrazo sailing falls into the first of these categories as it's a small catamaran licensed to carry 12 passengers plus the crew.

Abrazo catamaran sails daily with group or private boat charters and as you can see from the image gallery it's a fantastic well kept boat which was recently refurbished to provide sun loungers for all passengers.

Tenerife is one of the best places in the world for whale & dolphin watching trips where you can see the fantastic marine mammals in their natural habitat. Also, the beautifully warm waters which remain temperate throughout the year, combined with the rich marine ecosystem provides plenty for the creatures to eat and makes this part of the Atlantic Ocean a real haven for a variety of marine life, including whales & dolphins.

In total, there are around 17 whale species in the waters around the Canary Islands. Out of these, 2 species — the short finned pilot whale and the sperm whale are permanent residents. They live here all year round. The other 15 species visit the waters from time to time to breed or as they pass through on their way to more exotic parts of the world to feed or mate.

So although you can see whales & dolphins at any time of year on the best whale watching tours in Tenerife, you can increase your chances of seeing rare species if you plan to visit at the right time of year.

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